Apex transport solutions

Apex – the smart transport solution

Apex Management Solutions is a tech driven enterprise that recognises the vast benefits that integrating technology into a business can offer.

We consider ourselves trailblazers within our sector, and are undoubtedly a pioneer within our region through the development of our bespoke app based technology.

The Apex app was designed as a tool that enables all parties to share information on an open platform. Customers, carers, family members and the Apex team own shared access. Together, all parties are able to report, feedback, plan, propose and respond, with the aim of streamlining and enhancing our services for the benefit of all.

Features include the ability to engage and discuss, report absences and incidents, review and amend schedules, download information, check routes and vehicles and much more…

Plans are already in place to develop the app further. We will soon be introducing improved functionality that will allow carers to pinpoint exactly where the vehicle is on their passengers’ route with automatic notification when the vehicle arrives. The app has received widespread praise from all parties, notably its ability to facilitate open communication.

Stephen Heneghan, Managing Director of Apex Management Solutions explained: “We believe in doing things differently, and for us to evolve, we need to be able to offer the best possible service provision. Understanding our customers and our passenger’s needs must come through continual dialogue, yet we recognise how challenging this can be from a practical point of view. Introducing the app removes these barriers and allows people to exchange views online, at their own pace which works really well.

“We will continue to build on the success of the app and will introduce new and improved features. We’re keen to find ways to continually improve the customers experience and encourage feedback on our use of technology.”

There are plans to introduce other forms of tech into the business, including cameras to the rear of the vehicle facing out to record every journey, as well as in-vehicle cameras that all parents can log into at any time, and check on their passenger’s journey in in real time.

Stephen added: “We have some really exciting ideas and plans in hand and will continue to roll them out during the remainder of the year. Whilst face to face relationship building is undoubtedly a priority within our industry, exploring new ideas through innovation and technology will help drive us forward.”


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