Apex transport solutions
Transport means independence for many

About us

We are a leading specialist transport and security solutions provider, operating in Merseyside.

We are committed to delivering a safe, reliable and efficient service for our passengers and customers, ensuring they have the best experience.

We operate a large, modern and varied fleet maintained by skilled professionals in-house. Our drivers and support staff are professional, competent, highly trained and compassionate individuals who are invested in our vision and values.

We work with schools and education services, local authorities, NHS trusts and charities, as well as leading hospitality and construction companies and are recognised as an innovative and forward-thinking provider who seamlessly blend exceptional personal service and attention to detail with technology and innovation.

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Our vision

Transport means independence for many. We want our passengers to enjoy the best journey to and from their destination using the best vehicles, people and solutions.

Our values

  • We are committed to delivering a customer-led service that values our passengers
  • We are committed to operating a safe and sustainable business
  • Our staff are professional, experienced, supportive and compassionate
  • We are committed to delivering an ongoing programme of continuous development
  • We aspire to surpass our clients expectations
  • Communication is open and engaging – our business is transparent

Our approach

We recognise that every individual is unique and will therefore require a bespoke and tailored transport plan. Drivers and support staff are appointed on a permanent route basis, encouraging the development of a lasting and trusting relationship between them and the passenger. Our teams are caring and professional and are trained to understand and empathise with the specific needs of every individual for whom we provide transport services.

Familiarity and instant recognition can be incredibly important to many of our passengers and we strive to maintain a consistent approach inclusive of people, vehicles and processes.

young girl signing to woman

We are very aware of the issues surrounding safeguarding and have employed a range of measures to give parents, carers, family members and friends complete peace of mind.

Open communication forms a critical part of our business operation and we seek regular feedback in order to continually improve and enhance our approach and provide the best possible service. We are one of the first transport specialists in the UK to introduce app based technology that allows all parties (customer, passenger/family member and ourselves) to communicate openly and on a single platform.

Our technology

We have developed app based technology for use by carers/parents and customers with a separate app for use by our drivers.

Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our everyday lives and we believe in utilising the many benefits that communicating online can offer.

Being able to report, feedback, plan, propose and respond using a simple shared online platform helps streamline and enhance our services for the benefit of all parties.

Through our app technologies users are able to:

  • Engage and discuss
  • Report absences and incidents
  • Review and amend schedules
  • Download information
  • Check routes and vehicles

And much more...

We will continue to review and develop our technology, introducing new features and tools.