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The Apex journey –
A smooth transition

Our approach:

1. First meeting

Transition begins with a meeting with parents/carers/support staff within their home to discuss general information about the passenger, their likes and dislikes, and to complete a risk assessment.

2. Welcome pack

We provide the parents / carers / driver assistant with a welcome pack containing contact details including their designated Transport Liaison Officer.

Our TLO (Transport Liaison Officer) is the first point of contact to help families/carers in need of support. Our TLO is available to discuss all of the passengers needs, offer reassurance, support and answer any general questions regarding our service and wider operation.

3. Meet the driver

Before each child / adult is due to become a passenger, we arrange an ice breaker which includes meeting the driver of the vehicle and driver assistant. We also provide a welcome pack with details of the journey, images of the vehicle and their designated seat so they have a familiar routine each day.

4. APP Introduction

During the ice breaker, we introduce parents/carers/driver assistant to the Apex app which is a simple way of staying in contact with updates and reports.

5. First week

During the first week, we liaise with the child’s parent/carer/driver assistant via the app providing daily updates which include notification of when the child arrives at school safely and daily reports on how the first week went. Following this, parents/carers/driver assistant receive daily notifications.

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We work with vulnerable and disabled children and adults, volatile patients and older people

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